About Us

The University of Hawaiʻi Law Review serves the local legal community by providing an elite academic forum for legal scholarship in Hawaiʻi and the Pacific, and contributes to the national discourse on emerging legal issues through the publication of compelling legal writing.


homeFirst organized in 1979, the University of Hawaiʻi Law Review is a student-run organization that publishes Hawaiʻi’s leading journal of legal scholarship. The Law Review produces two issues annually, published in the winter and summer. Each issue contains content that is on the cutting edge of legal scholarship, and addresses topics of great importance and interest to our legal community. Articles are authored by contributors from the legal community, including law professors, practitioners, jurists, and law students.




The University of Hawaiʻi Law Review has two primary purposes: (1) to advance legal scholarship and discourse in the local, national, and international legal communities; and (2) to provide an academic forum for Richardson’s leading law students to further sharpen their legal analysis, writing, and editing skills.




Articles published in the University of Hawaiʻi Law Review are often cited by scholars and practitioners, both in the State of Hawaiʻi, and throughout the United States.  Check out our Recent Citations page for a listing of recent cases and law review articles citing works published in the University of Hawaiʻi Law Review.

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